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I’m on Arrow and I’m playing a character called Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, who’s made out to be the supervillain of all the villains that have ever existed in the comic world. There’s a potential to really bring out another great anti-hero, or you know, antagonist.

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I’m laughing my ass off because  asked why men like to come on womens skin or in random places on women. She asked and no one really gave a legit answer, but tried to say she was some some anti-man hate shit. I’m dying. But the only think I can think of is they are imitating what they see in porn really. 

That’s what I think. Like dudes who really think it’s okay to just cum on girl’s face. I mean she’s kind enough to suck your dirty dick and you just gonna bust all over her face, without warning like that shit is normal. 

It’s actually not okay to do it if the woman doesn’t even consent to it. It just seems like a lot of these niggas think it’s a natural thing to do to a woman. Like to be honest it’s a lot of factors here.

1. they imitate that shit they see going on in porn. We all know that the porn actresses are forced to do that shit half(ALL) of the time . They most likely don’t even like it. 

2. When niggas nut on a girls face (Or anywhere on or in her) they don’t view that shit as beautiful, it’s not a beautiful aesthetic to most of them, they do it for the vulgarity. Like doing her filthy pretty much. While bragging about it to their friends or on social media in the most negative tone and contexts. 

3. which brings me back to porn, what they see in porn they try to imitate in real life because they want to be seen as poles they are watching banging the porn stars. While in most porn women are seen as sluts, whores, cunts, hoes, ect. They aren’t treated with much respect while being treated any type of way.. So they see what they view and bring it back to reality. Which is why Porn can be really sexist, misogynistic, ect. 

4. while bringing it back to reality they are secretly living their fantasies they watch on their computers. Which is why half of these niggas are stupid because if you are watching porn for sexual tips and pointers then you need to stop. Think for a second and notice that Porn isn’t created equally for men and women, the Porn industry is mostly for men. So you’re living by your standards of completing your sexual fantasies but leaving your female partner displeased and unimpressed. 

(There is porn for women but not too much out there, women do view and watch porn. Anyone can watch porn for viewing pleasure but even the porn stars would tell you not to do half of the shit you see in porn.) 

Either way nutting on women like it’s the regular thing to do is wrong unless your female partner is cool with it. However it’s just crazy how a lot of the guys didn’t have a ANSWER, they just said.

"It’s not for everyone, it’s hard to explain".

There for they don’t have an explanation, it’s monkey see monkey do.


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When you copy someone’s homework right before class.

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Sometimes #BlackTwitter gets it right, and other times Black twitter gets it really right

I was down for Pharrell, but he is in sore need of a thorough dragging to rid him of his White-gaze thirst and tacit respectability politics BS. I mean, what’s next, an “Accidental Racist” duet with LL?

Honorable mention to @LouMinoti:


Pharrell needs to come out and clarify this shit before everyone forgets him….Money corrupts some, for real……

Pharrell is a dummy for this shit.

Kill Shot = “if you can’t beat em, serve em”

where is the Tyra gif. “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”

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most of the lights are out in my kitchen so there’s a spotlight on my fridge





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introductory paragraph of my essay:


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Abby and Ichabod

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